5 Career Tips for Securing Women Pregnancy

During pregnancy time for women careers are not trivial problems, because if too tired or careless, there will be problems that might have to regret for a lifetime. Here are five tips for career women who are pregnant.
1. In order not to fall / slipIf you must bend because there's something you are falling, bend both legs. When you have to take something in place that is located too high, ask for help from coworkers.

2. To avoid the pain of the neck, shoulders, waist, and backWork with the appropriate posture. When you work behind a desk, sit down with appropriate position so that you can work comfortably without any pressure on your back and waist.

3. In order to prevent heat in the pit of the stomachNote the good posture when sitting, writing, or reading. Do not let the gut region of pressure. Also, watch your diet, avoid spicy foods that are sharp and spicy, and that can cause flatulence like cabbage.

4. no headacheDo not let yourself depressed or tense during pregnancy. Do relaxation and meditation to control your emotions. If your employees are working at the computer, rest for a moment with his eyes for a moment or a light stroll around the office.

5. To avoid faintingIf the job requires you to stand up or climb stairs, try asking to be moved temporarily to other parts of the room are downstairs. However, if possible, try to keep the blood flow in the legs. Try also using low-heeled shoes. Keep also balance blood sugar by eating small meals but often. For avoiding anemia, make sure your iron intake.